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Krav Maga Knife Attack Self Defense Videos

Self Defense : long weapons threats

Krav Maga Arm Grabs

Here’s just a sneak peek at what you’re
about to learn..
  • A street thug is coming after you with a baseball bat or pipe? big mistake..he’ll be clutching on to his shattered bloody nose, gasping for air before he can even take one swing.
  • Police Holds- master those ruthless techniques the police use when controlling rowdy, drunk, aggressive punks. Use these techniques to subdue and restrain any loud mouth looking for trouble. He’ll be begging you to let him go.
  • Gun disarming techniques: Every angle and position you can possibly think of- You’ll learn not only to take your attackers gun, but how to rip his trigger finger right off!
  • Every knife attack defense you will ever need to worry about, every angle, every position, every sort of different knife grip. You wont need to take his knife away..he’ll drop it like an obedient servant after his thumb is annihilated.
  • Go from being mounted on your back with an attacker ringing your neck from above with both hands- to having his neck between your legs while squeezing relentlessly on his wind pipe in less then 1 second. This one you have to see to believe.
  • Neutralize any punk who walks up to you and grabs your shirt looking for trouble. Someone grabbing your shirt may not sound threatening, but its the most common start to street and bar fights. Learn how to put them away before the fight even starts.
  • Take Downs - Take down an attacker twice your size before he even realizes what happened. Size and strength are meaningless when you know these weird techniques.
  • Attention Ladies! rape prevention starts by knowing what to do when some lunatic grabs you by the hair. We got every single hair grab scenario covered for you. While he’s rolling around on the floor in agony, He’ll realize immediately that he messed with the wrong chick
  • Secret sweet spots that will render any attacker “out of commission” once you learn these sweet spots, anyone is at your mercy.
  • Combat Fitness Drills - These drills well leave you in combat shape and ready for anything.
  • Review, and learn what you want, when you want it!
  • Repeat Your Lessons as Often as You Need Constantly Refresh your Memory
  • Get Personalized tips for success from the people who train Elite Special Forces
  • And much, much....much more!

You will have access to the same techniques that covert op units are taught when they are trained to become human lethal weapons. You will know exactly where and what they put the emphasis on.
Their life depends on neutralizing threats - you should listen!

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Well, thats easy:

-You wont be wasting any more time and immediately receive instant access to videos that will teach you how to defend yourself, your wife, your kids, your parents, your girlfriend and anyone else you want to be able to protect. What’s your alternative, running away like a coward while they get assaulted?!

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Krav Maga Featured on Discovery Channel's Fight Quest Show Feat. Ran Nakash from Krav Maga Bootcamp